Mission, Vision, & Goals


I value librarianship for its potential as a tool for empowerment and foster progressive, respectful, and collegial professional library and community relationships.


To engage and challenge library users within a supportive, information-rich, inclusive, active learning,, ever-changing, information sharing  environment.

To plan and execute learning and information rich programs providing exemplary library and information services, exceeding all expectations.

To build an engaging library practice, based in andragogic and pedagogic learning theory, evolving to meet a wide variety of information needs, and grounded in high-quality customer service practices inspiring library users to enact critical thinking strategies.

As a change agent, embrace new technologies and social networks, offering learning and information sharing opportunities where the public are engaging with those technologies. I integrate technologies to ensure individuals can make problem-solving choices, navigate between options, and meet learning and information need outcomes.


  • Provide responsive, knowledge and reliable service to my community, constituents, and colleagues.
  • Deliver an inspiring information environment for the digital age.
  • Provide an active service that reflects the changing library, educational, and technological environment.
  • Research innovation, technologies, and methodologies that inform information literacy and instruction.
  • Continually cultivate and foster a strong professional community of practice within my profession.
  • Support and demonstrate respectful and ethical conduct.
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