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Professional Blogs

Blogging has become a venue of expression for many libraries and librarians, offering a unique opportunity to create communities and generate discourse.  This practice invigorates librarianship in general while also offering a venue for contributions to specialized areas. Librarians’ blogs reflect the current interests, issues, and ideas experienced by libraries, librarians, and patrons.

The perspective, intended audience, subject matter, and scope of the blogs I have developed vary greatly.  For example, a blog platform supports this ePortfolio.

My professional and personal blogs:

Transliteracy Librarian

This blog is a place to contribute to a discussion on literacy, focusing on transliteracy competencies and proficiencies for the 21st-century librarian in the context of both present literacy competencies and proficiencies, and those imagined for our future.

Super Agent Librarian

An unlikely superhero, the Super Agent Librarian leaps to action delivering information literacy skill instruction, facilitating teaching and learning initiatives, and helping patrons achieve success in all their information adventures. This blog is a fun space where I post clips from other bloggers as well as interesting information while delivering more creative and spontaneous posts of my Super Agent Librarian experiences.

Julie Kent: Revel and Reveal Art

This art explores the emotionality of conflict, resolution, lightness, torment, peace, depression, buoyancy, grief, shame, and broad sweeping collisions of raw universal forces with human experiences and truths leaking through to the viewer’s eye.  This blog presents my creativity as expressed through the medium of acrylic, canvas, and a windshield wiper blade.

The State of the Dog

Hello.  I am the dog.

THE dog about which this blog focuses attention is me.  My shiny solid liver-coloured coat confuses some but I am a German Shorthaired Pointer.

Some would think it bizarre to give a dog a human voice. Anthropomorphizing animals is common with many but purist and dog trainers so poo to that.

Humans have their code of communication and so do animals. My voice is channelled and translated through Julie.  She really wants to be called “Jools” but I suspect she will tire quickly trying to get people to spell it the way she sees it.

Personal Professional Twitter: @agentlibrarian

After an extensive, evidence-informed literature search, I determined that using Twitter would be the most effective social media tool to meet my professional librarianship needs. The essence of Twitter is a conversation. In the context of access to and sharing of information, Twitter is an efficient broadcast mechanism for libraries and librarians. For libraries, Twitter is used to encourage followers to interact with the library by asking questions, sharing links, re-tweeting interesting posts, and replying to tweets.

Twitter is:

  • simple to set up and use
  • participatory in a data-building, crowd-sourcing supportive manner
  • accessed on mobile devices
  • manageable through  Hootsuite, Tweet Deck, or other online programs

There are many apps now available for use with Twitter. For example, there are apps designed:

  • to analyze traffic, top tweets, or social ranking
  • to consolidate back-channel conversations and hashtag chats
  • with options to discover more users, tweets, and trends
  • to provide more options to follow & unfollow
  • to create and disseminate hashtags
  • to upload images from outside the Twitter platform
  • to consolidate or be alerted to mentions
  • to future schedule tweet


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