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e-Learning: Quiz (Moodle)

The ability to engage with instructors to share quality teaching materials, target instructional goals and topics, and help learners maintain academic integrity is essential to the practice of librarianship. Librarians use the course and learning management systems and create learning objects to deliver instruction and share expertise.

Within a course learning management system, I create online quizzes for instructors to use within their courses. The quizzes are available at Try them!

Information Literacy Quiz

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  • Password: welcome


Offering learners opportunities to test their information literacy competencies, I developed a short quiz using Google Forms.  The quiz can be inserted within courses and other online programs.  This quiz is in use on a suite of LibGuides without requiring authentication or login.

Academic Integrity & Avoiding Plagiarism


Maintaining and creating online materials and access points is an integral part of supporting learning outcomes and encouraging student success. Using SpringShare’s platform LibGuides to curate, create, and share information is an ideal means of addressing this aim. I have a large community of practice from which I draw input on many research and information literacy topics.  The LibGuide community is a vast, open, sharing, and supportive group within which content and resources are shared.  In creating dozens of guides, I have been inspired by the LibGuide community and have drawn on templates and content with encouragement and permission of other creators.  In my most recent work experience, I created over 100 research, subject,  and how-to guides.

YouTube Library Services Videos

My professional practice includes developing respectful collaboration strategies. During a recent work experience, I had the honour of working with two International students to create a suite of narrated videos.

There were many components to completing this project, including:

  • identifying information gaps and needs
  • consulting with long-term library staff encouraging their input and perspectives
  • creating a flexible storyboard
  • selecting images and other design components adhering to design principles and standards
  • requesting input from library colleagues and Manager, Library Services for the accuracy of information and narrative flow
  • testing videos (college staff and students provided feedback)
  • editing videos
  • final proofing
  • clearing videos through college marketing department for use on institutional YouTube Channel

Library Tutorial Videos for Online Students

Library Services (on-campus students)

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